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Co-design, high-end custom - the lighting designer Qi Juguan

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August 5, 2013, the domestic well-known School of Design, Central Academy of renowned designers often Zhigang professor and his party come LEDWAY Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., in the light of the conference room on the combination of lighting design and technology, in particular co-design , high-end custom in this area are discussed and negotiated.
Light as chairman Zhou Yu Tan's speech at the conference

Meeting site

    The meeting by the general manager Chen Wei presided over the marketing of light, the light of Chairman Zhou Yu Tan spoke at the meeting, said that high-end positioning of light for the lighting designer's ideas and fully consistent with good cooperation between the premise and foundation of hope in the future be able to jointly promote the development of lighting and design industry. Central Academy of Fine Arts, South China University of Technology Institute of Architectural Design, Architectural Design and Research Institute, Guangdong Province, AECOM, siddhis international, urban groups, landscapes Bede, Shenzhen Bo building construction and other units of professors, designers are invited to attend this meeting, and were on the "how to promote lighting design competition and strategic thinking", "project investment, operation, management, design, manufacturing, materials and technology, equipment, technology, maintenance," "industry first line to solve practical problems," " forward-looking and industry to promote industrial development "," from the academic, professional design and design education perspective "in a keynote speech, live discussion warm atmosphere.

Designers speech

Designers gathered in a meeting site

Field questions
    Co-design, high-end custom, is explore the theme of this meeting, designers can also integrate all resources and common development. Colleagues also made some confusion and thinking: for example, separated from the Party and investment design, engineering, designer, and so there will be problems, present and future docking lighting design, meeting everyone to express their views, in-depth academic concepts exchanges and cooperation, in order to add more light to illuminate innovation power.

Chen Wei, general manager of product marketing designer showrooms to introduce light for the product

Posed for pictures
    End of the meeting, under the leadership of the company executives, designers visited the light is illuminated Products, Chen Wei Chen described in detail for the guests as light products, light industrial design in the product design and have a very good light distribution reflected. The conference's success, marking the light of the high-end designer lighting and cooperation and on a new level, the two sides will continue to work towards collaboration, high-end custom direction