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Light is illuminated Jiuzhaigou special meeting organized by

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Early June 2013, by the light of Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou hosted 2013 zhaga special session of the Global Alliance for Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou InterContinental Hotel grand opening. zhaga Global Alliance Secretary General Menno Treffers, China Illuminating Engineering Society adviser Zhang Cong Hai, China Illuminating Engineering Society General Dou Linping, China Lighting Association Deputy Secretary-General Wang Zhuo, China's semiconductor lighting / LED industry and applications League Secretary General Off white, National Semiconductor Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance Deputy Secretary Nguyen, the National Standardization Technical Committee Lighting General Yang Xiaoping, China Academy of Building Research Building Environment and Energy Research Institute Zhao Jianping, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department of Development and Planning Deputy Director Dan Yun-ping, LEDWAY Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as light as illumination) Chairman Zhou Tan Yu, general manager of China Chen Yumei lighting network and other experts attended the meeting.

    Various countries and regions from around the world well-known LED lighting companies and testing organizations such as Philips, Osram, GE, DEKRA, CREE, ELEKO, UL, sharp unit higher zhaga Alliance members who have participated in this meeting. Meeting was chaired by zhaga Union and the light is illuminated, organized Chinese lighting network, Tianying Light Co, full of about 400 participants from around the world participate in the LED industry parties, we come together, work together for global LED standardization process to make their own insights .
    This is the first held in China zhaga Union special session, the previous few are in Korea, Japan and other countries held that the LED lighting industry in China, in the light of the history of lighting has epoch-making significance. This marks go from light to illuminate the stage of internationalization to their strength for the Chinese LED lighting business for more right to speak.
    The Zhaga League of Nations Special Session Jiuzhaigou mainly around "Zhaga objectives, status and interchangeability standards have to?" And other related topics are discussed. June 4 meeting was held within the Union zhaga, June 5 mainly discusses zhaga standards related to the situation in China, and also held a number of small sub-venues, mainly zhaga all the details of the standard topics for discussion. The 5th special session by the light is illuminated, Chairman Mr. Zhou Tanyu chaired light is illuminated president Chen Yueming at the meeting also introduced light to illuminate the general situation, OSRAM Franz Bemitz to "Zhaga objectives and benefits" as the theme for lectures, zhaga Global Alliance Secretary General Menno Treffers explained in detail "the main principles of fungibility - Why zhaga choose such an interface? "Light as lighting technical director Wang Jinlin to" zhaga successful application cases "describes how the light is and zhaga cooperation, Zhang Cong Hai teacher with" Chinese guide LED applications - whether interchangeability must? "Made very pertinent suggestions.
Conference on the questions from the audience is very active, Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute lighting director Li Zili proposed: Zhaga not involve reliability, security, certified products are first passed safety certification? zhaga are all related personnel to answer. As the meeting organizer, the light is illuminated Chairman Zhou Yu Tan is published light to join zhaga reason, he thinks it can "Light as" brand to the international platform, so that more peer companies and users Unit know that "light is" brand and philosophy. Secondly, the light was hoping Zhaga Union and more of the world's top-class lighting company to build friendships and build bridges of cooperation, seek more cooperation, which is not only reflected in the production of the above, there are many more other aspects, such cooperation will conducive to development of the industry.
    China Illuminating Engineering Society, vice chairman Zhao Jianping said: "Light for the lighting that could host the meeting, indicating that the light in the climb to a higher level, I believe that in terms of product quality or other aspects, it will be invaluable in the future development." China Lighting, General Manager Chen Yumei said: "The light is illuminated hosting zhaga meeting was a perfect debut in the global lighting industry, a good demonstration of the overall image of the light, the light that is already gradually internationalized enterprise. "
    Light is illuminated constantly bear in mind that he is a national brand, time to "add light for the Chinese people" as its mission. Zhou Yu Tan, chairman of I in the May 4, 2013 as the only youth representatives of Guangdong won the China Youth Entrepreneurship Award, and attended the May Fourth Youth theme day seminars, general secretary Xi Jinping and other central leaders to listen to the important guidance. Dinner at the 5th meeting of his speech mentioned, "I have been a dream, that is - for the Chinese people to add light, this meeting be held zhaga to make this dream a little effort." Comrade Hu Jintao in 2011 once in the inspection light is illuminated when the proposal to encourage: "adhere to a combination of research, brought together more creative talents, to capture more technical problems, to acquire more intellectual property rights, not only in the domestic market the product slogan, but also in the international market slogan . "Visible, meetings are held zhaga LED light in the international community as a sound first step.
    Currently light for the lighting products in addition zhaga light, there are indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, in 2012 the Standing Committee of the Beijing Great Hall of the hall on all fitted with a light to LED lighting, well done project tasks have been to Field evaluation of the leaders of the effect is also very good. In the future, the light is lighting LED lighting will continue to adhere to the road of hope in Office, schools, libraries, museums, concert halls, stadiums and other public places can be used for the illumination of the LED light fixtures.
    Down a few days of meetings, participants have benefited friends in zhaga on the proposed standard and solve problems, so that side of the industry who produce something good communication and collision, in the exchange of ideas, friendship, in the continuation, LED lighting of the flame In a similar light as this has a high degree of industry, corporate social responsibility will also be driven by increasingly popular. Zhaga League of Nations in 2013 Jiuzhaigou Waterfall in special session in the appreciation of beauty come to an end, and this is a source of trace moon trip, I believe in the future Zhaga standards in the international arena, there is more development in China, the light is also illuminated will usher in the international spring.

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